Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sammy, you never fail to surprise me

According to the lovely folks of CNET, Samsung will be releasing an Android Wear smartwatch at this week's Google I/O conference, joining LG and Motorola with their offerings.

(photo cred: Logopedia)

Samsung, have you been reading my blog? Have I motivated you? Hopefully, I have.

If Samsung does make an Android Wear showing at I/O, it will be a sign that Samsung is still open to working with Google and that there is a bit of a break in Samsung's monopoly of tech products and services.

Also, the crew over at Gizmodo reports that HTC will supposedly unveil the 9-inch "Volantis" tablet and will be a pure Android device under Google's Nexus family. I'm on the fence with HTC since my Vivid experience from 2011-2013 was just awful. 

I'll be watching the I/O conference closely this week. If Samsung brings a strong smartwatch here, I'll be very interested to see it. HTC may be redeemed if Volantis is any good.

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