Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear Samsung: Why I'm Leaving You in 2015

Really though, Sammy?

Dear Samsung,

In June of 2013, I decided to purchase my Galaxy S4 because I was tired of my HTC Vivid after two years of screaming and frustration. I have now, however, realized I must part with you in June of 2015.

While I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy my S4, I cannot allow myself to be locked into an Apple-like ecosystem. I want to be able to choose which services I want and to be able to go without excessive amounts of manufacturer bloatware. I enjoy the TouchWiz interface on Android, but I need a new experience.

That's only the icing on this circuit board cake. When you released the Gear 2 family of smartwatches, you locked them in to work only with 17 certain Samsung Galaxy devices. I can't be locked into a system where I can't carry over my smartwatch to a new Android phone because it only works with 17 devices.

That being said, I know who's next: Sony. Sony does offer exclusive services, but you don't need a Sony smartphone or device to access everything. Yes, some parts are exclusive to the devices, but most of their features, like Playstation Now, can or will be accessible on non-Sony devices, such as home computers or even *gasp* non-Sony smartphones.

In addition, I have decided not to purchase the Gear 2 Neo, but either the HOT smartwatch or the Kreyos Meteor, pending their reviews. I want something that works with all phones, not just a specific brand.

I hope you understand, dear Samsung. It may not mean much that one person is leaving you, but it's for the best. Well, for me at least.

Well wishes,

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