Saturday, May 31, 2014

Return of the Contacts

This past Thursday, I decided to switch back to wearing contact lenses after a nearly five-year hiatus from them. I thought getting back into the groove with wearing them would be hard, but surprisingly enough, it was easy. But why switch back after five years?

MFW making life choices.

The reason I delved into contacts in the first place was because glasses were easier to damage and because I needed to do something with my first marching band season coming up and not being able to wear sunglasses, as well as not wanting to keep up with clip-on shades. Back then, Transitions lenses were out of the question, so I decided to give contacts a fair shot. For the most part, it worked out, except in one case: I also was on swim team, and when my goggles leaked, the water would take the contact out, leaving my vision blurry in one eye and the victim eye feeling sore. After I left swim team, I switched back to glasses and dealt with the sun until my senior year of high school, when I did get Transitions glasses.

Now that I'm not doing swim team and that I'm in college, I usually have more time in my morning routine to include contacts. While this wasn't the case for the past three semesters with 8:30 AM classes (mornings are the bane of my very existence), my next semester now affords me more time, as all of my morning classes start later (we'll see how my work-study schedule stacks up, though I doubt it'll be horrendous).

Here's to a new(ish) look and to sunglasses!

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